ID Policy

The Licensing Act 2003 Act provides that, where a premises licence authorises the exhibition of a film, it must include a condition requiring the admission of children to films to be restricted in accordance with recommendations given either by a body designated under section 4 of the Video Recordings Act 1984 specified in the licence (the British Board of Film Classification is currently the only body which has been so designated) or by the licensing authority itself.


Our licence therefore requires us to refuse entry to anyone who appears to be underage and who is unable to provide a valid form of ID on request.

The staff may ask for ID to prove a person's age at any stage.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept a parent or guardian's word that the child in question is old enough. The only forms of acceptable ID are:


We will accept an image of the photo page stored on a mobile device as long as it clearly shows the picture and date of birth

Driving Licence

Card with the PASS hologram


Birth Certificate

As long as this is also supported by some other means to prove that the person presenting the certificate IS the person to whom it pertains.



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