Pro Bax Seating

ProBax® is a highly sophisticated foam - based seat technology delivering ground breaking benefits to the user by promoting correct posture.

The problem:

Traditional back rests often allow the pelvis to rotate

backwards forcing the spine into a ‘C’ shaped kyphotic

curve, resulting in poor posture and discomfort.

The solution:

ProBax® technology subtly supports and tilts the

pelvis, allowing the spine to adopt its natural ‘S’

shaped lordotic curve, whilst delivering significant

comfort and health benefits.

The benefits of ProBax®:

• Dramatically improved comfort ratings.

• Reduction in neck and back pain.

• Realigns the spine to ensure the weight is borne by

the skeletal structure, rather than the muscles.

• Less pressure on the spinal discs.

• Medically proven increase in blood flow through

the lower limbs, reducing numbness and fidgeting.

• Reduced muscle fatigue.

• Improved lung function and oxygenation improving


• Raised eye line and improved spatial awareness.

• Improved posture - allows the chair to take the


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