La Traviata: Liceu Opera Barcelona

La Traviata: Liceu Opera Barcelona

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Live from Barcelona!

One Verdi’s La traviata is famous for its complex and sympathetic portrayal of tragic heroine Violetta, a Parisian courtesan who recounts her life through a series of memories on her deathbed. It is a celebration of life itself but in a society obsessed with class, qualities such as generosity, compassion and self-sacrifice are frowned upon. As a product of this society, Alfredo, the passionate, spellbound lover is torn between his love for Violetta and conformity to stifling social mores.

Despite its period setting, David McVicar's enduring production of La traviata invites a new reading of the plot, exploring the psychology and innermost feelings of the characters in intimate moments. These scenes are contrasted with decadent turn-of-the-century set pieces in Verdi’s tragedy of a noble love sacrificed on the altar of bourgeois morality.